May 16, 2016

With Increasing Costs & EMV Liability Shifts Approaching . . . Should You Stay or Should You Go?

Most people dream of a time when all their hard work will reap rewards. It’s safe to say at some point independent ATM deployers (IAD) will retire, sell or leave the business for one reason or another.

Operating a fleet of ATMs can be an extremely lucrative business, however decreasing interchange rates as well as increasing costs and regulatory burdens have many IAD feeling like they are working harder to earn less. Couple this with ATM saturation and rapidly changing technology and it’s no wonder some IADs are wondering if now may be the time to sell their portfolio.

Should You Stay or Should You Go?
A new white paper, sponsored by Super G Funding, outlines the challenges facing IADs, ways IADs can reinvesting in the business and offers advice from ATM industry experts on steps IADs should take if they are thinking about selling their business.

Download White Paper | Source: Super G Funding