October 6, 2014

Quick Response, Reasonable Terms Met Premier ATM’s Needs

The Challenge
Michael Espalliat, President of Premier ATM, was looking to free up his cash flow and expand his business.  However, obtaining the money to do either of these things was proving difficult. Banks were taking their time dragging him through approval processes and private investors were offering him terms that were far too short.  “Michael was looking for something with a quick turnaround that relied on his business’s productivity, not his personal finances,” said Bob Sliker, Vice President of Business Development for Super G Funding.  “Term length was also a big issue for him. Many of the investors he had spoken with were demanding a very fast return on their investment,”said Sliker.

The Solution
Thanks to Super G Funding, Premier ATM was able to find exactly what they needed to grow.  Super G Funding allows ISOs and IADs to borrow against their residuals and is able to offer more credit
availability than any other financing source.  “Timing was everything,” said Espalliat. “Super G was able to get answers for me within two to three days.”  “Communication is a big factor for many businesses,” said Sliker. “Banks especially are not very good about keeping anyone up-to-date on how underwriting is going or the timeline and requirements for approval.”  Super G was different. “Bob was great,” said Espalliat. “He kept me in the loop throughout the entire process.”  “The biggest factor for Premier ATM,” Sliker notes, “was time. Michael was looking for an easy process
with a quick return but a term that was reasonable for his business to meet. These are all requirements that can make bank loans and private investments near impossible options. Fortunately, we were able to work with Premier ATM efficiently and effectively.”  On August 1st 2014, just a few days after Premier ATM applied to Super G for funding, the company received $750,000 to use towards their expansion.

The Results
“We were very happy to be able to meet all the needs of Premier ATM,” said Sliker.  “Michael’s situation and business is exactly why Super G Funding was founded. We are able to provide fast turnaround, reasonable terms and an easy payment method…exactly what banks and most private investors can’t provide,” continues Sliker.  “I would definitely recommend Super G to other ATM deployers,” said Espalliat. “In fact, I already have.”

About the Sponsor — Super G Funding is a provider of entrepreneur friendly small business financing solutions with loans ranging in size from $25,000-$5,000,000. A pioneer and market leader in loans to merchant services, ATM deployers and insurance brokers, Super G Funding’s program enables companies with a recurring monthly residual or commissions to borrow against the life-time value of that cash stream. For more information, visit SuperGFunding.com information or call