July 16, 2019

Super G Capital invests $4 million into payment services innovator Tidal Commerce in aim to capitalize on the ISO industry

Newport Beach, CA. Tidal Commerce, an inventive payment processing and merchant services company, announced today that it has received $4 million in strategic growth capital from Super G Capital. Tidal Commerce plans to use this capital to consolidate the traditionally messy merchant experience by combining onboarding, business management, sales data, payment gateways and other critical merchant services into a single unified platform.

Tidal Commerce’s will be increasing their development of specific, in-house payment software, which includes an interactive online application with built-in security/fraud features, lead management, underwriting, CRM, ticketing and chargeback response. Tidal Commerce will also be expanding partnership programs for ISOs, credit unions and banks. Tidal Commerce plans on launching their merchant dashboard later this year while continuing to expand its integration capabilities into 2020 and beyond.

“We average almost $1 billion in transaction volume annually and are currently servicing over a thousand merchants ranging from professional services to banks. We used our initial funding to spur merchant growth while strategically positioning ourselves to scale and now all the matches are set for that next spark. This new investment from Super G Capital will expand our in-houses software team and allow Tidal to dive deep into ISO and bank partnerships — let’s just say we couldn’t be more excited for what comes next,” said Drew Sementa, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Tidal Commerce.

Super G Capital is the market leader in providing capital to merchant services Independent Sales Organization (ISOs) with over 650 ISOs funded since 2008. “For over 10 years we have met the growth capital needs of business in the payments industry” said Jon Engleking Chief Operating Officer of Super G Capital. “We are now able to provide larger financing and flexible structures to top tier ISOs such as Tidal Commerce. Super G Capital has the ability to fund up to $5 million per client by providing competitive debt solutions or purchasing residual portfolios.”

“It was pretty clear that we were ready for our next step as a company,” said Angela Sementa, Chief Operations Officer at Tidal Commerce. “With new, ISO-specific software in hand, it’s time to hit selling and partnership development as hard as possible while continuing to expand our unique differentiators in the payment processing space — namely our in-house software and relentless standards of service. Bettering our custom POS integration abilities, improving our existing service offerings and continuing to simplify the payments world for merchants, ISOs and banks is the way forward and we’re excited to have Super G Capital along for the ride.”

About Tidal Commerce

Tidal Commerce began with a mission: to lift the veil on a complex industry of partnerships, integrations and unfair practices. Tidal believes in making payments accessible for merchants of all sizes through smart business decisions and smarter software. Tidal Commerce has over 14 years of industry-leading experience in credit card processing, and their unique blend of expertise and cloud-powered technology enables businesses to thrive. To learn more and how to save 30% on your workflow visit https://www.TidalCommerce.com

About Super G Capital

Super G Capital, based in Newport Beach, CA is a pioneer and market leader in residual loans to a variety of industries such as merchant services, ATM and insurance brokers. The program enables companies with a recurring monthly residual or commissions to borrow against the life-time value of that cash stream. Visit www.supergcapital.com to learn more about the Company.


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